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With market-leading data fidelity, security, and compatibility, Wattch's Edge Controller and turnkey DAS/SCADA enclosures provide a seamless experience when paired with the Wattch Cloud Platform.

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Frictionless installation, setup, and activation

Wattch enclosures are built to function seamlessly with the Wattch Cloud Platform. With one-click activation via QR code, you can set up and commission your site in 90 seconds or less.

Wattch Edge Controller

The Wattch Edge Controller offers intelligent monitoring and powerful control features in a small package for any size system.

  • Universally compatible with RS-485 and ethernet devices
  • Up to 3 months of offline data storage
  • Configurable 1Hz data sampling and 1-minute upload interval
Wattch Edge Controller hardware
Wattch data acquisition system model WDAS-L1 closed

Wattch turnkey data acquisition systems

Wattch DAS/SCADA solutions use the best-performing components on the market to maximize flexibility, reliability, and value. Our systems are future-proof, with remote firmware and security updates that take advantage of the latest functionality on the Wattch Cloud Platform without a site visit.

Powered by the Wattch Edge ControllerRevenue grade, bidirectional energy meteringMulti-carrier cellular modem and planRemote system control by owner or ISO/RTOUL listed hardware
Powered by the Wattch Edge Controller
Revenue grade, bidirectional energy metering
Multi-carrier cellular modem and plan for site resiliency
Remote system control (owner or ISO/RTO)
UL Listed
Wattch data acquisition system model WDAS-S3 open

Standard System


  • For projects from 250 kWp to 5 MWp AC
  • Integrated UPS battery backup for outage accounting
  • 5-year warranty including cell modem

For projects over 5MW, contact sales@wattch.io

Lite System


  • For projects up to 250 kWp AC
  • Set of 300A split core CTs included
  • 3-year warranty including cell modem
Wattch data acquisition system model WDAS-L1 open

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