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Wattch helps O&M teams surface, diagnose, and resolve issues in seconds through device-level data, alerts, and controls.

Portal view of energy data for a solar site. Site includes weather data, energy yield graphs, performance ratios, and overall solar site health grade.

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Breakdown of Wattch Digital Twin for site named Greendale South Hall with expandable menus showing solar inverters and strings.

Wattch Digital Twin

Most performance models don't support sites with multiple orientations or device models, making it hard to tell if something is wrong. Our industry-leading Digital Twin helps you better assess site health with up to 99% accuracy. The Wattch Digital Twin can uncover device-level and string-level issues remotely, minimizing truck rolls and saving you time and money.

Experience an up to 21% performance improvement by optimizing O&M activities

Capture device-level and string-level insights

Device-level insights through solar operationsPinpoint performance issues in solar operationsMinimize truck rolls with device-level solar monitoringSolar PV system monitoring solutionsMonitor solar PV systems

Eliminate guesswork and instantly localize performance issues

Minimize truck rolls and send the right people and tools to site

Catch subcritical losses missed by traditional analytics

Easily identify single-module failures and stringing mistakes

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Stay informed with customizable in-app or email alerts

Diagnose and resolve issues remotely

Wattch's suite of cloud-native diagnostic controls allows you to quickly surface string-level and device-level issues without a direct login to the site. This allows installation teams to commission equipment in seconds and O&M teams to get their systems back up and running without a site visit.

Reset solar invertersClear inverter faultsTrace IV curvesCheck connectivity
Reset Inverters
Clear Faults
Trace IV Curves
Check Connectivity

Common questions

How can Wattch improve solar system performance?
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Wattch provides solar owners and operators with a clearer picture of solar system performance, thanks to our industry-leading performance models and data resolution. Our solar O&M platform also uses low-noise, real-time alerts via browser, text or email to enable faster issue resolution. The Wattch platform also incorporates flexible reporting and cloud-native controls, so you can better remotely diagnose and resolve issues.

How can Wattch minimize unnecessary truck rolls and site visits?
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Using our digital twin-based solar performance models, you can easily surface, prioritize, diagnose, and even resolve issues remotely and in real time. We model comprehensive system performance down to the voltage and current of each string, enabling device-level and string-level insights not possible with other solar monitoring software platforms. Finally, our cloud-native controls allow you to remotely reset inverters, clear faults, and capture IV curves in real-time, minimizing the number of diagnostic site visits.

Why does Wattch use Digital Twins to model solar performance?
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Most monitoring products use models that only take a system’s capacity, temperature, and irradiance into account. These models work well for homogeneous systems as well as for identifying significant losses. Digital twins build on these models by incorporating multiple physics-based processes as well as third-party equipment performance data to give a much more precise estimate of system performance. This enables O&M teams to surface, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly and remotely, minimizing false positives and false negatives.

Is Wattch easy to install and commission?
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We aim to provide solar O&M software and hardware that is easy to install, set up, commission, and use. Our turnkey data acquisition systems (DAS) can be set up in Wattch and associated with your site via a QR code, allowing you to commission your site in 90 seconds. Additionally, our cloud platform allows you to build a digital twin automatically from a PVsyst file and import sites directly using inverter APIs.

Is my project's equipment compatible with Wattch?
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Wattch works out of the box with 250+ hardware models from leading manufacturers. We apply a standard data model and user interface to every site, allowing you to report on and control multiple sites simultaneously with no setup or customization fees. For questions on whether Wattch supports your project’s hardware, reach out to us at sales@wattch.io.

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