Solar Monitoring

Wattch provides a single source of truth for every asset. With the best fidelity, security and compatibility on the market, our solar monitoring platform enables you to make better decisions from your energy data.

Map displaying location of solar sites, alongside site specific energy and power production data such as live production and specific yield.

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Universal device compatibility

Wattch interfaces with 250+ solar inverters, batteries, EV chargers and multi-circuit meters, and our hardware is universally compatible with Modbus-TCP and Modbus-RTU devices. Contact us at for more information on supported hardware models.

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Centralized energy data for every stakeholder

Wattch provides value beyond uncovering performance issues in installation and operations. From financial and ESG reporting to PPA invoicing, our monitoring platform provides a reliable, universal dataset for every solar stakeholder.

Make better decisions from your energy data

Wattch lets you combine, normalize, and standardize energy data from any source, then compare it apples to apples. Our software supports solar, batteries, EV chargers and building loads, so you can get a better sense of how your multi-asset sites are performing without logging into multiple monitoring portals.

Graph of power flow at a single site in Wattch with solar and EV charging, net export is shown in blue and net import is shown in orange.
Turnkey monitoring hardwareBring your own hardwareAPI cloud integration
Turnkey offerings from Wattch
Bring your own hardware
Integrate with existing cloud data

Enhanced visibility, with or without hardware

It's easy to transition to Wattch, whether you already have monitoring hardware installed on-site or want to integrate with inverter APIs. Reach out to us at to explore all of our implementation options.

Evaluate site health at a glance

Instantly assess and compare the performance of every site with certainty using the Wattch Health Score and Wattch Report Card. Our Digital Twin-based scoring system helps you spot performance issues within your portfolio more easily and accurately.

Wattch Report Card for site named Buckland solar with BEPI, EPI, specific yield and performance ratio.

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