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Every asset on one platform

A single source of truth for solar, battery storage, EV charging, and consumption monitoring resources

Better remote diagnostics

A clearer picture of system health down to the device and string level that minimizes downtime and truck rolls

Control from the cloud

A universal interface for every asset type and site enabling everything from clearing faults to active power limitation

Trusted by top installers, developers, and utilities:

Localize, diagnose, and resolve issues

The Wattch commercial solar monitoring platform allows you to surface and diagnose performance issues across your fleet in seconds, minimizing downtime and optimizing energy output.

Map displaying location of solar sites, alongside site specific energy and power production data such as live production and specific yield.
Portal view of energy data for a solar site. Site includes weather data, energy yield graphs, performance ratios, and overall solar site health grade.

Minimize guesswork and optimize performance

Eliminate unnecessary truck rolls with Wattch's C&I solar monitoring software. Improve baseline performance by up to 21%, reducing operational costs and streamlining maintenance.

Manage assets via Wattch solar monitoring services

With Wattch's solar monitoring software for businesses, you can effortlessly manage your energy portfolio using embedded financial metrics. Wattch empowers you to track, optimize, and report on your assets quickly, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Portal overview page of a user’s multiple solar sites. Real time alerts are shown in red at the top, power production and energy yield data is shown in a blue graph, and total power is shown on the left via a yellow gauge.
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Common questions

How can Wattch help me improve the ROI of my solar projects?
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Wattch can help improve a solar system’s financial performance by allowing asset management teams to catch installation mistakes and performance issues earlier. Our digital twin-based performance models enable device-level and string-level insights, separating actionable issues from losses caused by poor environmental conditions. Our customizable alerts let you receive real-time, low-noise updates on system function via email or text. And by enabling diagnostics and controls in the cloud, you can minimize site visits while optimizing performance. Using our asset management platform, customers have improved their baseline site performance by up to 21%.

How can Wattch help me track project revenue?
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Using Wattch’s asset management software, you can use production data and power purchase agreement (PPA) data for billing clients or reporting to financial partners with ease. You can also accurately forecast revenue and prioritize operations and maintenance actions based on financial impact, all in one place. Via our Financials tool, you can track escalator or ladder-type PPAs and apply them to individual sites or portfolios of sites.

What types of reports can Wattch generate?
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Wattch can generate reports on a wide range of site-level and device-level performance metrics, as well as sum across multiple data series. Using our Charting tool, you can diagnose issues or evaluate performance in a few clicks, quickly comparing performance across devices and sites. Wattch also supports custom data exports in CSV or PDF format for automating reports such as site summaries and client invoices.

How can I manage hardware upgrades and replacements?
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The Wattch asset management platform can help you seamlessly track and manage equipment replacements via our Replacements tool. You can easily update the serial number and device model of your equipment without losing historical data or combining data from multiple devices. You can also view a device’s replacement history with this tool. To add net-new hardware to your site, simply update your site’s Digital Twin via our cloud platform.

How secure is the Wattch platform?
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Wattch considers cybersecurity in every product decision we make, which is why we follow best practices from the SaaS industry as well as the energy industry. These include mutual, certificate-based authentication, data encryption at rest and in transit, secure remote firmware updates, customizable permissions, and much more. To discuss your project’s particular security requirements, reach out to us at